DesertEdge 2 snags 2nd

So last weekend was a “UXPL”: tournament. the UXPL is a “speedball style tournament play”: that is quite popular for various reasons. Some of those reasons are exactly why I don’t play very much of it.

Speedball is an extremely fast paced style of play. Fields are designed for a set number of players (3,5,7, and 10 man), usually filled with air bunkers in patterns. These condensed sized fields are home to the fastest paintball you can see, where the name of the game is time. Matches range form 3-5 minutes max, and are often shorter.

This style of play is often ideal for TV, and really benefits field managers and manufacturers, because it demands you shoot a _lot_ of paint. This is part of why I usually dont’ play speedball, I’m too cheap.

However, our team, which is largely “Woodsball”: and “Scenario”: oriented wanted to have some fun. A few members had a main 5 man speedball team, but we knew there was room for another. So 5 of us showed up Saturday morning, ready to play.

None of us had played speedball together, and for some it was the first tournament attended. But we were ready to have fun. It was great seeing the funny looks we got from semi-pro and pro level teams as we walked on with our Camo jersey’s (Speedball teams all have bright Motocross style jersey’s). We received more than one sneer from the uppity schmucks, but hey, we were ready to play.

Within a short amount of time we had people’s attention, especially when we blew out a higher division Team Imperial 97 – 4. Nothing is as nice as blowing out the big guys.

We were well on our track to taking first, when one member broke a rule and swore on the field after messing something up (he was mad at himself), and our team was forced to play the finals series with only 4 people.

Now when teams are only 5 man, that makes a serious disadvantage. Even more fun when we still managed to take 2nd place overall in the division. And this against teams who constantly practice in this play style. 🙂

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