Platinum Library Card

My family has had a long history of “Readers” in it. Growing up, there were always books around the home, of every variety. Family fun usually involved everybody sitting around and reading. Extended family often pokes fun at us because we usually don’t buy books for fun, because they only last us a day or two, whereas everybody else gets years of enjoyment from a single book 🙂 And yes, all except my brother are “speed readers”:

With that said, my Mom is one of the worst in my family (although my sister is trying hard to take the title). Even we poke fun at my mom, claiming she has the platinum library card.

How little did I realize how close we were.

See, my mom has serious health problems, and we often have to run errands for her. Today, my mom needed me to stop by the library and drop off a stack of books, and pick up her reserved ones. I ran in, handed her card over and mentioned that my mom needed some books on hold. The librarian looked at the card, and *no joke* said, “Oh, you’re _her_ son. How’s she been, we haven’t seen her all week and were worried.”

No kidding, she then asked a bit more, commented on the amazing amounts my mom reads, and delivered a stack of books that were on hold. All this from somebody I’d never met, and only saw the name on the library card.

I am proud, yet scared, and was ready to laugh. Now, if she could get frequent flier miles or something out of that, I’d be set 🙂

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