F Lock

For those who own one of several Microsoft keyboards, with the ‘F Lock’ key, you are sure to know the pain of which I speak here. These keyboards have a modal switch that alternates the commands from the function keys. What’s bad about this, is in great form, the default state for this switch is to turn your functions keys into some strange command keys, since nobody would ever use those function keys for their original purpose.

Getting ‘functionality’ out the keys is easy, you just have to press the ‘F Lock’ key, and things work. But this will then go away any time your reboot, returning you to the brokenness you come to expect 🙁

Well, today I found “a fix to F_Lock problems for Linux”:http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/Hardware/Microsoft_Keyboard_Function_Key_Fix . Windows folks have a description and fix “here”:http://jtsang.mvps.org/flock.html

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