Aliens In The Rockies

Ok folks, mark your calendar, while there are other fun scenario games happening in the next month, this is one of the big ones. If you are interesting in trying out paintball, if you like it and want to learn more, if you are new and want to get taught, anything, just check it out.

“Aliens in the Rockies”: as presented by “Millenium Paintball”:

My Team has been contacted to help provide the “disturbance” forces for this year, and we’ll help make sure everybody can enjoy this game. This is a great 24 hour scenario event with lots of objectives, fun prizes (some really good ones too).

If you have any desire to try out paintball, if any of this sounds interesting, please contact me, I’ll see if I can assist you in getting out and making sure you’re set up right.

Aspie Quiz

After seeing “my sister’s”: results, I had to try taking this “aspie”: quiz: “Aspie-Quiz”:

My results:

* Your Aspie score: 125 of 200
* Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 75 of 200
* You are very likely an Aspie

Telling, isn’t it.

Normalization from mod_security

When I installed “mod_security”: yesterday, I was hoping for some good results. Those results I figured could be tracked by watching my visitor and hits statistics return to somewhat normal values, as well as seeing OS and Browser versions return to something more that I would expect from my “geeky audience”:

Well, in only one day, I am proud to say that modsecurity has more than beat my expectations. Visitor counts have returned down to the humble amount this little blog can expect, hits are way down, and already, “safari”: , “mozilla”:, and “Linux”: have moving back up in _marketshare_ , instead of the hyperinflated number for the windows/IE bots that were hitting this box.