Embracing And Extending RT – Tuesday PM

“Jesse Vincent”:http://www.fsck.com/ of “Best Practical”:http://bestpractical.com along with “Robert Spier”:http://use.perl.org/~Robrt/journal/ of some little company called “Google”:http://www.google.com Presented on Extending and Embracing RT. So what is “RT”:http://bestpractical.com/rt/ ? Well you could follow the link, but that would be too easy.

RT is Request Tracker, a “Ticketing System”. A generic way to file a notification into a queue, and then manage it inside your corporate workflow. How you use a ticketing system varies greatly on your company, and what you need. RT is designed to be flexible enough to meet those needs.

I didn’t need to take too many notes outside of the slides, but that was largely because the slides explained things very well, and I have also ==read the RT book== , and use the program.

The slides gave a lot of extra information on tools and methodology to directly work with the insides of RT, both for using it’s api’s for interfacing with the data, as well as customizing the code itself.

One of the main things I pulled from this was assurances on certain features my job has been most interested in, and a knowledge that upgrading our older internal version will really give a lot of very wanted toys to certain people.

Charting and graphing is now built in, instead of needing the Statistics plugin, or your own tools (still easily available though). The entire interface has been redone, and is now XHTML strict + CSS *yay*, the default homepage is a user customizable page, with droplets.

RT is a system that now more than ever I heartily recommend for organizations who need to manage queues, tickets, requests, and any other name that applies to this basic management concept. It’s amazing power, plentiful features, and ease of extensibility lend itself to small and large organization alike. And of course, it knocks the socks off that lame “Bugzilla”:http://www.bugzilla.org product 🙂


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