Brain Bender of the Day

Audrey Tang gave an extremely interesting presentation today that turned up being a description of several amazing modules she has been working on and pushing into the Jifty framework. I had a lot of trouble describing all the things to Harley and James, so I just wanted to link to her blog, entry where she has her slides. They will explain far better than I can.

“Audrey’s RHOX Presentation”:

Things to take away:

* RHOX is a great new acronym
* CPAN _the gathering_
** I want that game 🙂
* Great declarative tools are in Perl5 now
* Perl6 modules are more than just basic tools now, very advanced stuff
* Mini Languages are much easier now
* Audrey can freak out even seasoned Perl developers
** ex. bless( $obj => 0); (think about that now…)
* XML::All
* Object::Declare
* Scalar::Defer
* Turn cookies into Inodes, and split your compressed, encrypted session data and keep it on the client
** easy way to not be limited by 4k blocks

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