Advanced DBI – Tuesday Morning OSCON

Tuesday morning I attended “Tim Bunce’s”: Presentation on Advanced DBI (Slides Coming Soon). I attended this “presentation”: several years ago, and wanted to see the updated version.

Tim Bunce is the creator of DBI, the Perl Database Interface, and a great source to tell you what you need to know about DBI. I’m appending my notes to the slides here, that might pull some of my perspective to them.

The biggest highlights of the presentation to me:

* Enhanced Debug modes
** now can provide coderef’s for dispatching at debug and error levels
** Easy ENV vars to turn on debugging
** Easy to enhance
* Enhanced Profiling
** Multiple levels for great verbosity
* swap_inner_handle
** this method is a “Brain Transplant Voodoo” method
** Will allow some magic that we want to do with automated handling for read-only slaves, and write masters (See this space later for logic when we figure it out)

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