7 Principles of Better API Design

This morning I attended Damian Conway’s presentation on his 7 principles. This seems to be an updated presentation of his Sufficiently Advanced Technologies, with several new modules that raised great points.

Below I’ve pasted my raw notes, which will likely be only slightly helpful without the slides (which I have the copy of). But I will highlight here the main points:

# Sufficiently Advanced Technologies
# Design By Coding
# Evolve by Subtraction
# Declarative beats Imperative
# Preserve the Metadata
# Leverage the Familiar
# The best code, is no code at all

Damian of course had excellent examples to support his points, with quality progressive code so you could see the process.

Welcome to OSCON

OSCON 2006 is here. At the hotel, getting ready to have my brain stuffed tomorrow.

“!http://halls.lug-nut.com/gallery/jayce/oscon2006/OSCON06/.cache/240×320-IMG_1654.JPG (Welcome to OSCON)!”:http://halls.lug-nut.com/gallery/jayce/oscon2006/OSCON06/IMG_1654.JPG

Cruising Washington

Before heading off to OSCON, I took the weekend to visit my old hometown. I grabbed a rental car and headed off to Washington. At about Centralia I took highway 12, and headed to the coast, just missing getting to watch the sunset over the Pacific 🙁 From there I took the 101 up the west coast, stopping a could of spots before finally deciding to sleep at “Kalaloch beach”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalaloch. “!http://halls.lug-nut.com/gallery/jayce/oscon2006/Washington/.cache/320×240-IMG_1534.JPG (Misty Morning at Kalaloch Beach!”:http://halls.lug-nut.com/gallery/jayce/oscon2006/Washington/IMG_1534.JPG This location was chosen basically because every site before there was full, and I didn’t want to keep on going. So I managed a couple of hours of sleep in the front seat of my car, before waking up to watch the sunrise over the forest from the ocean. What a beautiful site! I did figure out my camera has trouble focusing in low light conditions with thick fog though. Understandable, but leaves most of the pictures I took in a sorry state. “!http://halls.lug-nut.com/gallery/jayce/oscon2006/Washington/.cache/320×240-IMG_1545.JPG (I see you)!”:http://halls.lug-nut.com/gallery/jayce/oscon2006/Washington/IMG_1545.JPG

From there, I went on to enjoy some nice hikes in the “Hoh rain forest”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoh_Rain_Forest . “!http://halls.lug-nut.com/gallery/jayce/oscon2006/Washington/.cache/320×240-IMG_1586.JPG (Clubfoot Moss On a Vine Maple over a Stream) !”:http://halls.lug-nut.com/gallery/jayce/oscon2006/Washington/IMG_1586.JPG

Continuing on, I went along the north end of the 101, through part of my old stake, Forks, Port Angeles, Sequim, etc. then broke off, crossed the Hood Canal Bridge and down into Poulsbo (Little Norway). No trip to Poulsbo is ever complete without a visit to Sluys Bakery! My favorite’s are the Cinnamon Cup (with the most amazing whipped cream cheese frosting _ever_), Pecan sticky bun, and “Rosette’s”:http://www.hormel.com/kitchen/glossary.asp?id=34130. This place is also home to “Poulsbo Bread” which you can sometimes find in stores in Utah.

A few stops to see old family friends, and some kayaking gear, and I was on my way to visit my Sister and another friend in Tacoma, where I ended up my night.

Oh yeah, and a dinner at “Famous Daves”:http://www.famousdaves.com/ , mmmmm.