Hooting It Up

While I’m not much of a baseball fan (actually, I really dont’ care for the game), on Friday my family and I went to a “Orem Owlz”:http://www.oremowlz.com game. It was quite enjoyable to watch the game as a family. The stadium they have is pretty nice, and our seats were great. It’s small enough that really any seat would be good.

For the price, I’d recommend most anyone to take their families out to the local ball game sometime. It’s relatively cheap, it’s a nice place, and some great weather. This coming from a guy who really doesn’t like the game, and yet still had a fun time. I love the idea of supporting the small town, local teams. The players really seem to try harder (vs overpaid major league folks), and the game of course is right in front of you.

As you can see, the kids were ecstatic.


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