Poker attack

This week I noticed a rather interesting change in the stats on this site. Right towards the end of my vacation, where I had gone just over a week without any new posts, I began getting a large surge in traffic. A very *large* surge.

This traffic has a couple of interesting things to note about it. During the week preceding the upswing, I noted quite a few comment spam attempts mostly from Texas poker sites. Then this large swing in hits began, and most had referrer sites coming from a long list of texas poker sites 🙂

It was interesting to watch this heavy increase in traffic after almost exactly one week from my last post, all now including a referrer from sites that had been attempting comment spam. After I began posting again, the traffic quickly began to slow down to normal levels.

My biggest peeve, is I now have windows/IE as my top os/browser hitting my site 🙁 what a lame stat.

My best guesses at what they are doing:

* They noticed that the comment spam wasn’t arriving, and changed what they sent thinking they could bypass security
* They thought the spam was in and were following up with hits causing google/alexa/etc to then reindex the page (especially on popularity as part of their SEO.

The interesting part I find is in their waiting for a week of inactivity to follow up with their very noticeable barrage. Is that the standard preying on abandoned blogs?

Plug REALM systems presentation

I didn’t get a chance yesterday to post about this, but I would like to thank Thayne for giving a very interesting “PLUG”: presentation on Wednesday.

Thayne showed off the “Realm Systems”: _K9_ unit. This slightly large thumbdrive is actually a quite nifty little device. Inside it’s a PPC 400mhz chip, with memory and a fingerprint scanner that allows you to basically take over a computer for your needs. A portable device that keeps your applications and data ready to use any other computer as your host terminal. Read on for some interesting things we saw…