10 things

I recently saw an article titled “10 things every Perl hacker should know”:http://builder.com.com/5100-6374_14-6077064.html?part=rss&subj=bldr , thought I’d pass it along. On the most part I’m in agreement with the basic ideas they show here. The only time I don’t totally agree is in the naming conventions. I don’t use .pl extensions solely for library files, and am not against using them on many, non system-install scripts. I do agree that if this is the kind of tool I will put in some public place on my system, I’ll not use the extension.

Utah Bloggers

Last week I noticed an actual real comment in my blog, that alone got my attention, and then I read it. It mentioned an upcoming “Utah bloggers convention”:http://www.utahbloggers.com/ . Previously I hadn’t heard about it at all, and then a few other geeks began to mention it on “openclue”:http://openclue.org/ut . I decided I might as well try and check it out.

I’ll have to admit, I wasn’t expecting too much. Having not heard about it until the last minute, I wasn’t expecting much more than an informal meetup. What turned out was actually a nice event. Food, t-shirts, and a panel discussion greeted a surprisingly large number of attendees representing very distinct blog realms. The signage and logo’s really gave a professional edge to the event that I wasn’t expecting.

This first blogger event (as they plan on using this to do more) was a short event, hosting just a single panel discussion. While the discussion was useful, I think having it be the entirety of the event was a slight disservice to the attendees. I think if they instead had focused on the social networks present, and promoted themselves as a service for linking these groups, it would have had a much more practical application for the night. Many of the bloggers present would benefit most from the associations possible at a meeting of this nature. Instead the panel’s focus seemed to be blogs in business. This in itself is a great topic, that many present wanted, but many were more interested in either just meeting the bloggers they read, or connecting in their networks. I for example found several new geeks that hadn’t heard of the openclue planet Utah, but are now looking at it.

All in all, a fun event, and a good way to get attention to start a series of conferences, but next time it would be beneficial to focus a bit on the promotion, as well as having keynotes and breakouts across a slightly larger time.

Geeks and Politics

For the last couple years I’ve owned the Geekpolitics com and org domains. The whole time, I’ve had the great intentions of actually putting up a blog, or even more a point/counterpoint discussion page for geek oriented politics. Of course, my time availability has prevented me from ever actually doing anything about it. So, anybody else willing to chip in on something like this? I can host, and such, but need people willing to work on the site, and of course future publishers.

June Plug Meetings

Just a reminder, “Plug”:http://www.plug.org has *two* meetings this month.

At our regularly scheduled meeting, on the 14th, we will be hosting “Pete Ashdown”:http://www.pashdown.com/ Democratic Party candidate for US Senate. Pete has made the rounds through the various LUG’s in Utah, and this will be one of his last presentations to our groups. This is a great chance to meet Pete in a smaller setting, and make sure your questions get asked.

Wednesday, June 14th 7:30pm
United Online Conference Room

Also, on the 17th we have the “interlug BBQ”:http://uvlug.org/wiki/doku.php?id=bbq2006 All the information is on the wiki, go ahead and add your name to anything you want to bring, and let us know you are coming. Bring the family and friends, this will be a fun social event.

Messing With Harley’s Mind

So “Joseph”:http://blog.josephhall.com and I have been prepping, and decided to have a little fun with “Harleypig”:http://blog.harleypig.com today. I prepped him by making a few comments about his age today, and he commented on how technology was getting past him. My response was to the effect of, well, I guess one day we’ll come in here and you’ll be using a TRS-80 so you can feel comfortable again.

He didn’t quite catch it, of course.

We’re waiting now, he’ll be back in about an hour, and will walk in and see this computer, and this blog post on his screen. So go ahead and add some fun comments so he can read them on this super-special new machine.

So, as he left for his lunchtime exercise, we had some fun:

“!http://halls.lug-nut.com/gallery/jayce/Plug/.cache/640×480-DSC07391.JPG (A TR-80 running KDE?)!”:http://halls.lug-nut.com/gallery/jayce/Plug/DSC07391.JPG

“!http://halls.lug-nut.com/gallery/jayce/Plug/.cache/640×480-DSC07393.JPG (Trash-80 next to his so called laptop)!”:http://halls.lug-nut.com/gallery/jayce/Plug/DSC07393.JPG

Anybody else ever seen KDE running on a trash-80? Even has the modem and disk drive. You can even see the red light on the modem, how nice.

What a Pun

Seen while watching “Revolution”:http://www.historychannel.com/revolution/ on the History Channel today, as it went into it’s first commercial break:

“The Revolution, brought to you by “John Hancock”:http://www.johnhancock.com/ ”

Grilling it all

So today was a day just screaming for the grill, and with my wife out of town with the family, it allows me to play a little more with what I cook. I decided to have some fun with the grill today, not only because of the great weather, but hey I like the grill. Follow along for a couple of fun recipe’s that tied together for a great meal.

My entree was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. Be warned, if you are faint of heart when it comes to spice, you’ll need to be careful. It wasn’t all that *hot*, but it would scare the crap out of some people I know. I started with some skirt steak (any thin cut steak that can handle a quick cook would work, the more tender the better). I took this and covered it in a rub that I made from some black peppercorns, coriander, mustard seeds, garlic cloves, and kosher salt. I ran that through my coffee grinder[1] under I had a nice coarse powder, and rubbed that on the meat, then let it sit while I got my charcoal going.

While cooking the meat, I also roasted two anaheim, and one jalepeño pepper. I timed it so both were done around the same time, then brought them in. I let the meat rest while I pulled the skin off the peppers, and cleaned out the seeds. I then put the peppers, along with a small amount of green onion, and a good amount of red onion, a tablespoon or so of honey, and a couple tablespoons of water, in a blender. Once mixed, a sliced my meat small, and brought the mixings, along with diced red and green bell pepper back outside.

I proceeded to take a couple of hard rolls[2], cut them open and toasted them on the grills. Once GBD[3] I put a piece of Pepper Jack cheese on to melt, then loaded with meat, bell peppers, more diced red onion, and then put on some of my green sauce.

I was very impressed with myself, the bite of the black pepper on the meat was consistently met with the juicy firmness of the bell peppers, and the smooth creaminess of the green sauce. It was a resounding success. Heck, it even looked pretty. The greens and reds contrasted very nicely with the dark meat and light bread.

Of course, no good meal can go without desert, so while I was preparing the aforementioned meal, I also started my desert prep. I took a large granny smith apple (I like the firmness) sliced off the very top, then used a spoon to gut out the inside[4]. I then put a single pillsbury style cinnamon roll dough[5] piece inside, with some extra cinnamon. I covered out the top with brown sugar, and wrapped inside of foil. These then went directly in the coals and started cooking while I made the rest of the meal.

After eating, I removed, unwrapped[6] and put into bowls, topped with some good vanilla ice cream, and you have some amazingly good desert.

After recovering from my food induced coma I still had enough coals to re-season my dutch oven that I was careless enough to let get wet, and had some rust spots on it.

fn1. Before anybody calls my bishop, yes, I have a grinder just for this purpose, and so should you. Freshly ground rubs are a key to good grilling. Oh, and can you imagine if anybody tried making coffee from my grinder?

fn2. mini french bread rolls, pão de sal pelos brasileiros

fn3. Golden, Brown, and Delicious

fn4. Man, I could have really used a good multitasker like a melon baller or the almighty grapefruit spoon here. A regular spoon worked ok, but it could have been better

fn5. Just the normal kind you get in the tube at your local store, and flavor will do

fn6. Careful, if done right, your brown sugar will have created this extremely tasty sauce, that will melt right into your hands if you spill


Today marks the official release of one of “my companies'”:http://www.untd.com new brands/products, “PrivatePhone”:http://www.privatephone.com/ . For anybody interested, it’s a free local phone number that goes straight to a voicemail. The kind of thing you’d often setup just with an asterisk box. You can then call-in to access, or better, check via the web. The basic service is free, so it’s worth grabbing just for a number you can toss at signup forms that always want your phone number 🙂

Of course the product is a lead in for other services (purchase a larger mailbox, but outgoing VOIP time from the number, etc). But as for me, I like just having a free number I can give to those stupid forms, just like my tosser emails 🙂


w00t! I’m now the #3 referrer to “Open Clue”:http://openclue.org/ut according to maintainer “Gabe”:http://gundy.org/2006/05/30/state-of-the-union-uosp/ . I’m only lagging behind somebody named Google, and a hack named Bloglines. For me, since getting added to the planet, my traffic has doubled. Of course, none of you dorks ever click my ads :-p (as if I expect you to, we all know better than that).

I do need to start posting more messages that make you click from openclue to get all the content though, since it’s only my 2nd highest referrer.

The one piece of information that scares me though, is that out of the browsers visiting my site, IE moved to #1 *after* getting added to the planet. What’s with that?