It’s that time of year again folks. Time to shed my geeky shell and go back to nature. Yes I’ll be doing what few geeks can comprehend, going back country Montana for a week. Yes, Power stops miles from “where I’ll be”:,-112.732413&spn=0.003184,0.008352&t=k&om=1 and cell phones stopped a long ways away. Oh it will feel so good to get back into the woods.

For any geek, if you haven’t gone without any form of net connection, power, etc for an extended period, you really need to try taking a week off. It’s quite the refreshing experience.

Oh, and it’s kinda cool, I can see my “granny deannie’s truck outside her house”:,-112.173629&spn=0.001112,0.002516

Work With Me!

Looking for a better job? Want great pay and benefits, as well as get paid to work on GPL software? My Company is hiring again, and this time the position is to work with me (as if that wasn’t benefit enough). The job is specifically Perl development on the Freeside GPL billing system, which is a great niche to get experience in. I’ll include the full job description in the extended content of this post: