Realm Systems Presentation

Since I’ll be gone for a week, I’d better mention this month’s “PLUG Topic”: . For July, PLUG co-founder Thayne Harbaugh will be presenting on the “Realm Systems”: “iDentity devices”:

_”A mobile, personal server: 400 MHz powerpc, 128 MiB memory, 1 GiB_
_storage, biometric finger-print reader, USB powered and pocket size._
_Take your applications with you and have a secure, mobile end-point for_
_accessing VPNs. Don’t ever trust someone else’s computer again.”_


When: Wednesday July 12 7:30 pm
Where: United Online Facilities

ipod dispenser

For some reason, If I had asked my wife for “this toy”: for fathers day/birthday, I think she would have thought I was joking!

Thanks to James for the link.