As part of the interlug-bbq, I decided to have a little desert for my family. I didn’t bring everything I normally would, but I did grab two peaches and some ice cream on my way out the door. After dinner I cut them up, and threw them on the grill:

“!×640-IMG_0888.JPG (Peachy)!”:

This raised a few eyebrows, to my surprise. People seemed to think it strange, why would you grill _fruit_? In short order several of them were able to taste the result, nicely grilled peaches with a little bit of very melted vanilla ice cream. I think there are some converts to the religion of grilling fruit.

With that, I share one of my favorite grilled fruit deserts:

Begin with peach halves (I prefer firmer peaches), and let them soak in a little cream while you cook your main courses. Also get some apple slices, dust with cinnamon and sugar.

Grill both of these together, both until your preferred texture (I like mine al dente, most people prefer soft).

Place peach half face up in a bowl, and drop a good scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, layer outside with apple slices, then top with some thin sliced strawberries (use an egg slicer, of course), and some sweetened condensed milk.

Possible alternatives:
Any other berries on top (raspberry, blueberry).
Crushed pineapple on top.
Switch our Pears for the apple or the peach.
Chocolate syrup instead of, or in addition to SCM.

This is one of many great deserts you can throw on the grill after you main course, and really impress the Significant Other in your life. It also is just a great use of those leftover coals you always have 🙂

If you are afraid to get started, just do the apple slices. Very easy, tasty, and are a great topper to several salads, deserts, or just on their own.