Geek Food

Reading “other people’s reviews”: it seems like the inter-lug BBQ went over well.I myself has a lot of fun, and so did my son. Too bad my daughter decided to get sick the second she got into the parking lot. So my wife and daughter missed all the fun.

I would like to complain about whoever created the grills at the Scera park, not having adjustable grills at all! I had to have 3 full chimney’s of coal to get some heat up to the grill level. The one adjustable grill had rust holes in the bottom giving very little area to put coals.

Despite that, the potluck worked well, and I don’t think anybody could feel like they didn’t have quite the selection of food to eat. Games, Music, and Networking followed, I think we all had quite a bit of fun.

I’ll mention my part of the food in following posts.

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