Bloody Sunday

For those who haven’t seen this yet, somebody took some serious time editing a large number of bush speeches to get the words needed to go along with the U2 song “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. For openclue and other readers, the video is embedded so I don’t spam video out to everybody, click on the story to see the video.

10 things

I recently saw an article titled “10 things every Perl hacker should know”: , thought I’d pass it along. On the most part I’m in agreement with the basic ideas they show here. The only time I don’t totally agree is in the naming conventions. I don’t use .pl extensions solely for library files, and am not against using them on many, non system-install scripts. I do agree that if this is the kind of tool I will put in some public place on my system, I’ll not use the extension.

Utah Bloggers

Last week I noticed an actual real comment in my blog, that alone got my attention, and then I read it. It mentioned an upcoming “Utah bloggers convention”: . Previously I hadn’t heard about it at all, and then a few other geeks began to mention it on “openclue”: . I decided I might as well try and check it out.

I’ll have to admit, I wasn’t expecting too much. Having not heard about it until the last minute, I wasn’t expecting much more than an informal meetup. What turned out was actually a nice event. Food, t-shirts, and a panel discussion greeted a surprisingly large number of attendees representing very distinct blog realms. The signage and logo’s really gave a professional edge to the event that I wasn’t expecting.

This first blogger event (as they plan on using this to do more) was a short event, hosting just a single panel discussion. While the discussion was useful, I think having it be the entirety of the event was a slight disservice to the attendees. I think if they instead had focused on the social networks present, and promoted themselves as a service for linking these groups, it would have had a much more practical application for the night. Many of the bloggers present would benefit most from the associations possible at a meeting of this nature. Instead the panel’s focus seemed to be blogs in business. This in itself is a great topic, that many present wanted, but many were more interested in either just meeting the bloggers they read, or connecting in their networks. I for example found several new geeks that hadn’t heard of the openclue planet Utah, but are now looking at it.

All in all, a fun event, and a good way to get attention to start a series of conferences, but next time it would be beneficial to focus a bit on the promotion, as well as having keynotes and breakouts across a slightly larger time.

Geeks and Politics

For the last couple years I’ve owned the Geekpolitics com and org domains. The whole time, I’ve had the great intentions of actually putting up a blog, or even more a point/counterpoint discussion page for geek oriented politics. Of course, my time availability has prevented me from ever actually doing anything about it. So, anybody else willing to chip in on something like this? I can host, and such, but need people willing to work on the site, and of course future publishers.