June Plug Meetings

Just a reminder, “Plug”:http://www.plug.org has *two* meetings this month.

At our regularly scheduled meeting, on the 14th, we will be hosting “Pete Ashdown”:http://www.pashdown.com/ Democratic Party candidate for US Senate. Pete has made the rounds through the various LUG’s in Utah, and this will be one of his last presentations to our groups. This is a great chance to meet Pete in a smaller setting, and make sure your questions get asked.

Wednesday, June 14th 7:30pm
United Online Conference Room

Also, on the 17th we have the “interlug BBQ”:http://uvlug.org/wiki/doku.php?id=bbq2006 All the information is on the wiki, go ahead and add your name to anything you want to bring, and let us know you are coming. Bring the family and friends, this will be a fun social event.

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