Messing With Harley’s Mind

So “Joseph”: and I have been prepping, and decided to have a little fun with “Harleypig”: today. I prepped him by making a few comments about his age today, and he commented on how technology was getting past him. My response was to the effect of, well, I guess one day we’ll come in here and you’ll be using a TRS-80 so you can feel comfortable again.

He didn’t quite catch it, of course.

We’re waiting now, he’ll be back in about an hour, and will walk in and see this computer, and this blog post on his screen. So go ahead and add some fun comments so he can read them on this super-special new machine.

So, as he left for his lunchtime exercise, we had some fun:

“!×480-DSC07391.JPG (A TR-80 running KDE?)!”:

“!×480-DSC07393.JPG (Trash-80 next to his so called laptop)!”:

Anybody else ever seen KDE running on a trash-80? Even has the modem and disk drive. You can even see the red light on the modem, how nice.