Today marks the official release of one of “my companies'”: new brands/products, “PrivatePhone”: . For anybody interested, it’s a free local phone number that goes straight to a voicemail. The kind of thing you’d often setup just with an asterisk box. You can then call-in to access, or better, check via the web. The basic service is free, so it’s worth grabbing just for a number you can toss at signup forms that always want your phone number 🙂

Of course the product is a lead in for other services (purchase a larger mailbox, but outgoing VOIP time from the number, etc). But as for me, I like just having a free number I can give to those stupid forms, just like my tosser emails 🙂


w00t! I’m now the #3 referrer to “Open Clue”: according to maintainer “Gabe”: . I’m only lagging behind somebody named Google, and a hack named Bloglines. For me, since getting added to the planet, my traffic has doubled. Of course, none of you dorks ever click my ads :-p (as if I expect you to, we all know better than that).

I do need to start posting more messages that make you click from openclue to get all the content though, since it’s only my 2nd highest referrer.

The one piece of information that scares me though, is that out of the browsers visiting my site, IE moved to #1 *after* getting added to the planet. What’s with that?