It’s that time of year again folks. Time to shed my geeky shell and go back to nature. Yes I’ll be doing what few geeks can comprehend, going back country Montana for a week. Yes, Power stops miles from “where I’ll be”:,-112.732413&spn=0.003184,0.008352&t=k&om=1 and cell phones stopped a long ways away. Oh it will feel so good to get back into the woods.

For any geek, if you haven’t gone without any form of net connection, power, etc for an extended period, you really need to try taking a week off. It’s quite the refreshing experience.

Oh, and it’s kinda cool, I can see my “granny deannie’s truck outside her house”:,-112.173629&spn=0.001112,0.002516

Work With Me!

Looking for a better job? Want great pay and benefits, as well as get paid to work on GPL software? My Company is hiring again, and this time the position is to work with me (as if that wasn’t benefit enough). The job is specifically Perl development on the Freeside GPL billing system, which is a great niche to get experience in. I’ll include the full job description in the extended content of this post:

Realm Systems Presentation

Since I’ll be gone for a week, I’d better mention this month’s “PLUG Topic”: . For July, PLUG co-founder Thayne Harbaugh will be presenting on the “Realm Systems”: “iDentity devices”:

_”A mobile, personal server: 400 MHz powerpc, 128 MiB memory, 1 GiB_
_storage, biometric finger-print reader, USB powered and pocket size._
_Take your applications with you and have a secure, mobile end-point for_
_accessing VPNs. Don’t ever trust someone else’s computer again.”_


When: Wednesday July 12 7:30 pm
Where: United Online Facilities

ipod dispenser

For some reason, If I had asked my wife for “this toy”: for fathers day/birthday, I think she would have thought I was joking!

Thanks to James for the link.

BItmaps and negation

Just had another one of those moments where I really wasn’t thinking, then had to wonder why my code wasn’t working again. I had a very simple case where I needed a regex to match a character that was neither a word character or a space character. My fingers quickly typed:


And I then wondered why it didn’t work. For those not understanding that part, I basically was creating a character class that consisted of \W (non word chars) and \S (non space chars). What is different from that and what does work?


after all, in basic style, putting the caps char in a class \w vs. \W is just a negation, just like the ^ does inside a char class.

What happens is in how the regex engine defines a character class. What it’s really doing inside is creating a bitmap for that token. When creating it, the \W is expanded into those bits not in the word set. ^\w however puts in the word chars, and says, not them. With just one of these that would be fine, but when I added the second set, it busted, why?

When creating the bitmap with all the non word, and non space chars it blocked out some of the chars I really cared about. The way the cases are interpolated, the set’s were broken.

Thankfully I caught the problem quickly, but I could see how somebody could get rather confused about that.

Valkyrie Offensive 5

While I often invite locals to try out paintball with a nice small group of friends, I must also step forward at times like these to try and get people to see what larger groups of paintballers can do. Yes, this weekend, my friends at Scenario Junkies are hosting their fifth annual “Valkyrie Offensive”: scenario game.

There should be around 100+ people in attendance, likely more. That includes Members of Team Desert Edge, as well as the Special Ops teams. Not only will these people be helping out both sides during the event, but “Special Ops”: is bringing *both* of their tanks. Yes, the second one is now completed, and both teams will have chances to work with the tanks!

If you have any interest in trying out paintball, let me know and we can make sure you have everything you need to try it out.

Macaroni Salad

So as a final follow-up to the interlug-bbq, I’ll post my macaroni salad recipe that I brought.

Start with 1lb elbow macaroni, cooked slightly past al dente (the cooling process firms it up). Rinse to begin cooling, and stop the cooking, then place in the fridge.

Separately prepare:

* 1c Mayo
* 1/2 Green Bell Pepper
* 1/2 Red Bell Pepper
* 1 Anaheim Chili
* 3T Dijon Mustard
* 1/2C Diced Red Onion
* 1/2C Cilantro
* 1/4C Lemon Juice
* 1/4C Chopped Green Onion
* 3 Hardboiled eggs

Mix together. Remove pasta from fridge, and pat dry. Add mixture to pasta, add black pepper to taste.

Joe mentioned preferring a previous version of this slightly better. In that one I had a bit of Chipotle also, spicing things up for the crowd (which was known to enjoy spices more than the average potluck). Just mixing in some Jalepeño, or a small Habañero would work well here.


As part of the interlug-bbq, I decided to have a little desert for my family. I didn’t bring everything I normally would, but I did grab two peaches and some ice cream on my way out the door. After dinner I cut them up, and threw them on the grill:

“!×640-IMG_0888.JPG (Peachy)!”:

This raised a few eyebrows, to my surprise. People seemed to think it strange, why would you grill _fruit_? In short order several of them were able to taste the result, nicely grilled peaches with a little bit of very melted vanilla ice cream. I think there are some converts to the religion of grilling fruit.

With that, I share one of my favorite grilled fruit deserts:

Begin with peach halves (I prefer firmer peaches), and let them soak in a little cream while you cook your main courses. Also get some apple slices, dust with cinnamon and sugar.

Grill both of these together, both until your preferred texture (I like mine al dente, most people prefer soft).

Place peach half face up in a bowl, and drop a good scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, layer outside with apple slices, then top with some thin sliced strawberries (use an egg slicer, of course), and some sweetened condensed milk.

Possible alternatives:
Any other berries on top (raspberry, blueberry).
Crushed pineapple on top.
Switch our Pears for the apple or the peach.
Chocolate syrup instead of, or in addition to SCM.

This is one of many great deserts you can throw on the grill after you main course, and really impress the Significant Other in your life. It also is just a great use of those leftover coals you always have 🙂

If you are afraid to get started, just do the apple slices. Very easy, tasty, and are a great topper to several salads, deserts, or just on their own.

Geek Food

Reading “other people’s reviews”: it seems like the inter-lug BBQ went over well.I myself has a lot of fun, and so did my son. Too bad my daughter decided to get sick the second she got into the parking lot. So my wife and daughter missed all the fun.

I would like to complain about whoever created the grills at the Scera park, not having adjustable grills at all! I had to have 3 full chimney’s of coal to get some heat up to the grill level. The one adjustable grill had rust holes in the bottom giving very little area to put coals.

Despite that, the potluck worked well, and I don’t think anybody could feel like they didn’t have quite the selection of food to eat. Games, Music, and Networking followed, I think we all had quite a bit of fun.

I’ll mention my part of the food in following posts.

Bloody Sunday

For those who haven’t seen this yet, somebody took some serious time editing a large number of bush speeches to get the words needed to go along with the U2 song “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. For openclue and other readers, the video is embedded so I don’t spam video out to everybody, click on the story to see the video.