Feeling the Synergistic Flow

For quite a while when I come into work I’ve been using x forwarding, or vnc to access certain beloved applications from a linux box under my desk to my PowerBook. Today I decided to make the change to “synergy”:http://synergy2.sf.net

After actually taking the time to clean my desk some, I started by moving my big old crt over to where I normally put my laptop and flat panel. I knew that wouldn’t work though, taking way too much space, so I went over and talked to a “sucker”:http://blog.harleypig.com that I know, and swapped my crt for his flat panel. Truth be told, it’s a nice crt, and quite higher resolution, but I needed the depth. Now it’s hooked to “pelargir” and sitting next to my laptop and screen, making three panels in a row. I moved my keyboard and mouse over to the linux box and made it the server, this way even without my laptop, the linux box and laptop can function independently.

The nicest thing, is I’m running kmail again without the overhead of remoting it! One keyboard, one mouse, two computers.

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