Under New Management

This day just gets better. I arrived home early (boss gave the company a half day leading into the 3 day weekend). Of course we all took off even earlier than that to go watch X3. But I get home and my copy of “Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management”:http://www.schlockmercenary.com/ arrived, all nice and signed. Time for some good reading.

The book is excellent quality, paper is great, colors are rich. Howard did an excellent job getting this book out.

Some teaser quotes:

__You’ve got some *return fire* on you sir…__
__Put me out, please.__

– and –

__There is no overkill, only “Open Fire” and “Reload”__

X-ed up

Well, just got back from X3. Very fun movie. Lots of good action. The only problem is the main things to talk about in the movie give away a lot, so I can’t discuss them yet.

One thing to remember when you go see it, stay through the credits…

In retrospect, one thing that I really liked about the movie is that they did a very good job with the teasers of misguided fans into what was coming. Sure certain major things were known, but a lot of detail would specifically make you think different things were to occur.

In the way of nitpicking (that which I can do without giving stuff away). Angel, yes he’s in, but he plays such a minor bit that it’s kind of disappointing. I would really have liked to see him with a much larger part. Also, where was Nightcrawler??

Definitely worth watching, they do set up for sequels, but there are major character *elements* that will need to be resolved for one, several are hinted at or shown, but a couple will need help.

Overall, I loved it.