What’s Your Show

With the number of foodies who read this and “my friends blogs”:http://openclue.org/ut I bet a lot of us have thought about what kind of Food Network show we might have if our cooking was presented. So I’d like your feedback, if your cooking was to be made into a show, what would the title, theme, and other elements be?

As for my cooking, as grandiose as I’d like it to be, I can only sum it up as _The Lazy Bachelor_ . I enjoy my food, I like to cook, but I am above all *lazy* (hey, it is one of the key traits of a programmer). So much of my food comes from last minute food hacks, combinations of leftover, canned, or prepared foods.

I think that Food Network took this idea and did actually make a show for it, but instead of the whole bachelor angle that I mention, they messed it up by creating that show with the strange ‘Sandra Lee’ lady that scares me. The concept is similar, but the angle they present the show is just _strange_ imho.

So what’s your take?

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