On saturday we hosted another paintball tournament, this time doing a Triathalon. 3 events, on separate fields. We kept people playing as much as they wanted, and had a lot of fun. “Pics are up”: . My brother got some fun shots this time, look close on a few and you can see paintball’s either leaving the gun, or about to, and sometimes even making contact with people.

“!×66-IMG_6868.jpg (Defeat)!”: The look of defeat.

“!×75-IMG_6669.jpg (HarleyPig about to catch one in the face)!”: “HarleyPig”: getting shot by his son (note the one heading right for his face, about to impact). I’m a good teacher.

“!×66-IMG_6679.jpg (Hanging out)!”: Nice shot of AJ just pulling out to spot a firing lane.

“!×66-IMG_6824.jpg (Teaching my Nephew to shoot)!”: Me teaching my nephew Spencer how to shoot, he then proceeded to leave a welt on his dad’s arm 🙂

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