ok, Jordy said we could use the UVLUG wiki to start notes on the BBQ. Please “go check out the page”: , add your feedback, and volunteer.

Happy Yet Scared

Joe’s wife Nat recently had a tip about an upcoming tour coming to SLC that really caught my attention. The band list rather scared me too. The reason I had some attention is that it would be Erasure coming to Utah for the 3rd time in about a year (after a 13 year absence). In looking for confirmation, I found “this interview of Andy Bell”: where he quotes:

_”But also we are going to do this festival in America called True Colours, which is for Civil Equality. And all under 12’s families go free, and it’s with Cindy Lauper, B52’s and the Scissor Sistors and us, so it should be a laugh! So maybe Blondie might come along, you never know!”_

Erasure + B52’s + Cindy Lauper = WTF?

Supposedly they are coming to town this summer/fall, outdoor venue.

Dark and Good

I know a lot of the geeks who will read this already saw this link, but I needed to post it for my family, as they will really be interested. “Study Shows Dark Chocolate May Lower Blood Pressure and Prevent Diabetes”:

Big Tabasco

Few people can get as excited about “Large Bottles of Tabasco Branded Pepper Sauce”: as “Joe”:

But dang, those are tempting big bottles, get one of their decent flavors and that’d be good stuff.