Openclue Hacks

While glancing at “openclue”: this evening, I was following the stories and figured I was just getting tired when I noted that things looked strange to me. It was then I realized it wasn’t just me but I was seeing a bug that was time dependent. As “aaron”: was explaining some of his opinion on the Blue Security system, he included some quotes, which used some stylized tags. Problem is, either in how he copied it, or in just quickly formatting, he forgot to close out his tags. I know all of us have forgotten this many times before, but I noticed this because it was slurped into the openclue feed, and his style then threw off all the following articles. All of their text was now in his “quote” formatting. Figured the all-powerful feedmeister-python-script would have tried to scrub those (and maybe it does, I haven’t looked at it) but in any case it missed this one. Anybody familiar with the planet script know if it is trying that and just needs some extra help, or if that is a missing feature?

Sure would hat for some “mischievous person”: to try taking advantage of that.

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