Plug-B-Q, or another Surplus Swap Meet

so as “Topher asked on PLUG”: it’s getting about time for the annual PLUG BBQ, Surplus Swap Meet, and maybe some Geek Olympics. Join in on the thread and we’ll see what we can agree on.

The basic goal is to get the local Geeks together outside of “normal” PLUG. Families are encouraged to come (let the spouses share in the complaints), let all of us foodies show off our 1337 Gr1\\1nG skills, and trade out some of those strange spring cleaning computers….

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9 thoughts on “Plug-B-Q, or another Surplus Swap Meet

  1. ideas:
    indoor area for post-BBQ activities
    Settlers of Catan
    kid movies, geek movies
    I can bring a spare open 802.11b access point

  2. So I’m thinking that a location somewhat central would be nice. Would either of your college groups be able to get good facilities at your school? Do they have anything like that? Or through the school have good access to city parks?

    We’ve used Orem city parks 3 times now, and they have several very good locations if somebody is willing to get the reservation.

  3. My suggestion is a wiki sign-up sheet. Could be categorized, and folks can sign up to bring items in a balanced manner.

  4. How about potluck-style (probably with a wiki sign-up) for salads, chips, Coke and what-have-you, and BYOM for the open grill?

    We’ve gotten some pretty good parks in past years. That’s probably a good way to go again. Settlers is a good idea, too.