Oh the smell of spring

It’s amazing, I can actually smell spring this year. the last several years my allergies have been growing steadily worse, to where no amount of medicine could keep my head clear, and my nose working.

So last spring I visited an allergist to get the test, and figure out what I could do. This is the fun one where they make a grid on your back, and poke each spot with a different allergen, wait 15 minutes, and measure. I knew something was up when the nurse came in after 7 minutes to check, and upon entering gave a *gasp* then, stated those simple words, “Oh WOW!”….

Cashing in on Cache::

I’ve stepped forward to proffer this months Northern Utah Perl Mongers (NUPM) meeting. I’ll be presenting on the “CPAN Cache”:http://search.cpan.org/~cleishman/Cache-2.04/lib/Cache.pm API.

The Cache system is a very well built API with pluggable back-ends for different storage mechanisms. In the presentation I’ll be reviewing usage of the API in different applications, as well as discussing the various strengths and weaknesses of the different back-ends.

Come learn how Caching is easy to implement into any perl program, how it can easily be customized for different needs. NUPM meets the hour before “PLUG”:http://www.plug.org in the same location.