The Realization of Time

On Saturday, we went over to “the Lances”: along with “Joe and Nat”: for a Pizza-q. James prepped up some of his special Pizza Dough, and cooked it on the grill to get it ready for a few ingredients we brought over. While we cooked a “mystery cheese” pizza from joe, and my BBQ chicken pizza, Nat told us a fun little story about the first time she had seen No Doubt in concert. (You can ask her about it:) )

So I decided the share here the story of the first time _I_ heard No Doubt, not in concert, but ever…

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2 thoughts on “The Realization of Time

  1. I heard INXS for the first time on my mission… Out Tracting, someone had it on outside, we stopped and listened until the song was over. “What you need”, indeed.

  2. I had a companion who was … less than strict. He listened to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ constantly. When he found out I’d never heard of Vanilla Ice (or whoever it was) he got really freaked out about how long he would really be out in the field.

    He eventually straightened up, but its kind of fun watching people *really* realize what two years means.