Monster Monster Monster

As “Kelly quoted”: I have created a monster. I have nobody to blame but myself, and yet I find a certain satisfaction in it. Probably because I get to come to work and get away from it.

After helping “Garion”: learn some writing, he made a scribble that looked very much like an _R_ after the word _Badge_ . So I told him he had written the word _badger_ , he then wanted to know what that meant.

All geeks know what I had to show him to demonstrate “what a badger is”:

He can’t get enough of that song now, and of course, he singing it and doing ‘the badger dance’.

Boot to the m-HEAD-i

One annoyance I’ve had with Mac is that by default, they format their drives has HFS+ -case-insensitve. That’s right, people willingly choosing case-insensitivity in a filesystem. Overall it’s rarely gotten to me, since I’ve known about it. Only biting usually with CVS (README | Readme). Well, it bit me for a while without me knowing.

For a long time I’ve been very upset at the “Fink project”: because *nothing* would install, upgrade, or usually even work with their system. Several times I would wipe it’s software and retry, only to die in flames.

Finally, while I’ve been testing out stuff I’ve been reading in O’Reilly’s “Mac OSX Tiger For Unix Geeks”: I decided to give it another try. Yet again, things were failing horribly, and I once again began pouring through various wiki’s, HOWTO’s and other documentation. Finally, I found an interesting little nugget, buried among the cinders of other people travails.

It appears that a source install of libwww-perl gives the option of installing a ‘HEAD’ function in /usr/bin, and at some point one of my upgrades selected that. Problem is, the standard HEAD function, doesn’t have a ‘n’ flag.

What makes that bad, is fink is programmed to use the Mac OSX version of /usr/bin/head (note the case change) which does have that option. Fink dies without that!. All of us geeks will of course see the problem with HEAD and head on a case-sensitive filesystem. Now, if I just had the time to reformat without that darn flag set.

Of course, now that I replaced my ‘head’, fink works, and I now feel the pain that “gentoo masochists”: enjoy that is extremely long compiles. But ad least I’ll get my KDE apps back.

The Realization of Time

On Saturday, we went over to “the Lances”: along with “Joe and Nat”: for a Pizza-q. James prepped up some of his special Pizza Dough, and cooked it on the grill to get it ready for a few ingredients we brought over. While we cooked a “mystery cheese” pizza from joe, and my BBQ chicken pizza, Nat told us a fun little story about the first time she had seen No Doubt in concert. (You can ask her about it:) )

So I decided the share here the story of the first time _I_ heard No Doubt, not in concert, but ever…

F1rst p0st!

Ok, so the blog has been running for a while, but the first post is in reference to the weekend. With the nice weather, I got to spend my time outside setting fence posts. At least now we have the posts up on the West side of our property.

Guess what I get to next week 🙁 Time for a whole lotta planks.

At least with this side going up, and the East already up, we’re almost enclosed. I also took advantage of the time to finish out one of our planting beds, The second one needs just a little more dirt and it’ll be done too.