dapper dist-upgrade

On my main home machine I’ve been using “ubuntu-64”:http://www.ubuntu.org for a little over a year now. Last time I attempted to upgrade versions I went to breezy, which frankly has been a bug-ridden version on every machine I’ve used it on. Recently I’ve been trying to get “MythTV”:http://www.mythtv.org/ running on the box, without any success.

* the breezy packages are abandoned, mixes of .18.1 and .17.1, they can’t even be installed
* almost every breezy .deb source seems to be offline most of the time
* I can’t get any svn version to compile (which I’d like anyways, to be up to date)
* using other debs, I can’t get it to compile, even though friends say they had it working

One coworker is running his system via dapper, and has had more success, so I threw up my hands, and prepared for a rough weekend of upgrading my box. *Amazingly*, changes my sources to dapper and doing a dist-upgrade worked extremely well though. The only problems were ia32-gtk libs needed by openoffice.org-gtk, and python-twisted modules. I just got rid of those (didn’t care), re-upgraded, and everything worked great. Best ubuntu upgrade I’ve had.

The dapper myth packages are .18.1, and installed well. But I learned that you should run mythtv-setup as root instead of as the mythtv user (as several sources suggested). I *still* can’t compile my own, due to libavcodec problems (relocation error with libdts) 🙁 but am grabbing sources to do my own debs from a coworker. Hopefully will have some patch or other requirement I need.

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