Green River Pictures

For those interested, I now have some pictures from our recent paintball sojourn. “Kia”: took “pictures from the players perspective”: outside of the games. Whereas the “SpecOps”: media man allowed usage of some of his “In action photography”:

A couple of my favorites:

“!/gallery/friends/Paintball/DesertEdge/Green%20River%2C%20April%2006/SpecOps/.cache/100×66-IMG_8160.jpg (The Convoy Bridge)!”:
“!/gallery/friends/Paintball/DesertEdge/Green%20River%2C%20April%2006/SpecOps/.cache/100×66-IMG_8403.jpg (Desert Edge Squad 2)!”:
“!/gallery/friends/Paintball/DesertEdge/Green%20River%2C%20April%2006/SpecOps/.cache/100×66-IMG_8423.jpg (Advancing in the smoke)!”:

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