Plug Meeting

Wednesday at 7:30 is the monthly “Plug”: meeting. As “Stuart”: posted, he is presenting on “ConTeXt”: .

The big change for this month, that everybody needs to note, is our NEW LOCATION. My company has offered us usage of a nice, much larger, conference room. We’re location in “Canyon Park”: “(*MAP*)”: , Building Q.

The entrance will be the NE door of building Q, which is just off of 1200 N in Orem, I will have a sign on the door for information. We are on the second floor.

For those that don’t want to click for the map, just take 1200 N in orem East until 600 East, take a left, then your next left. Find a parking spot and head in the NE door (not the SE one!), and head up the stairs to your left, we’ll just to the left on the second floor.

The Desert Duel

I can now say I have hit a new height in paintball fun. I think just about everybody who’s gotten into paintball has had the dream of what it would be like to play against a real military unit. I’m not talking about just playing against some people in the military, that’s common. I mean full fledged army units with their equipment.

Well, I got to do that this weekend, read on for a full write-up.