Well Put

“Howard Tayler”:http://howardtayler.livejournal.com/ creator of “Schlock Mercenary”:http://www.schlockmercenary.com/ (if you aren’t reading this yet, you’re missing out) has quite a way with words. His description of morning pretty well sums up my view.

“Hopefully far enough from dawn’s crack that I don’t have to smell it. I know some folks like sunrise, but for me dawn is a 300lb plumber with his head under the sink. Wake me in time for MORNING, with the sun safely clear of the horizon, and the crack of dawn planted in the seat of his pickup where I don’t have to see it.”

New Neighbor

Finally, last night we got new neighbors in the house behind us. The old owners had quite a long history, and finally were kicked out by their bank about two years ago. The house has sat empty until a couple of months ago when somebody bought it and started fixing it up, to flip it.

With neighbors, now we’ll have somebody to help us get the fence up back there finally, and it’ll definitely help the old resale value. The neighbor (Jameson) seems quite fun and easy to get along with.

The only scary part, is the guy looks _very_ similar to “Dwight Schrute”:http://blogs.nbc.com/office/


Priesthood Session and Pet Peeves

Is it just me, or does anybody else just get mad when people get up and leave before the closing hymn and prayer? Would it really kill you to sit through 2-3 more minutes after being there for two hours? I stayed, _walked_ out, and was still home within 4 minutes of the last ‘amen’.