Oh the smell of spring

It’s amazing, I can actually smell spring this year. the last several years my allergies have been growing steadily worse, to where no amount of medicine could keep my head clear, and my nose working.

So last spring I visited an allergist to get the test, and figure out what I could do. This is the fun one where they make a grid on your back, and poke each spot with a different allergen, wait 15 minutes, and measure. I knew something was up when the nurse came in after 7 minutes to check, and upon entering gave a *gasp* then, stated those simple words, “Oh WOW!”….

Cashing in on Cache::

I’ve stepped forward to proffer this months Northern Utah Perl Mongers (NUPM) meeting. I’ll be presenting on the “CPAN Cache”:http://search.cpan.org/~cleishman/Cache-2.04/lib/Cache.pm API.

The Cache system is a very well built API with pluggable back-ends for different storage mechanisms. In the presentation I’ll be reviewing usage of the API in different applications, as well as discussing the various strengths and weaknesses of the different back-ends.

Come learn how Caching is easy to implement into any perl program, how it can easily be customized for different needs. NUPM meets the hour before “PLUG”:http://www.plug.org in the same location.

Monster Monster Monster

As “Kelly quoted”:http://halls.lug-nut.com/kelly/2006/04/24/Geek_Epiphany I have created a monster. I have nobody to blame but myself, and yet I find a certain satisfaction in it. Probably because I get to come to work and get away from it.

After helping “Garion”:http://halls.lug-nut.com/garion/ learn some writing, he made a scribble that looked very much like an _R_ after the word _Badge_ . So I told him he had written the word _badger_ , he then wanted to know what that meant.

All geeks know what I had to show him to demonstrate “what a badger is”:http://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com

He can’t get enough of that song now, and of course, he singing it and doing ‘the badger dance’.

Boot to the m-HEAD-i

One annoyance I’ve had with Mac is that by default, they format their drives has HFS+ -case-insensitve. That’s right, people willingly choosing case-insensitivity in a filesystem. Overall it’s rarely gotten to me, since I’ve known about it. Only biting usually with CVS (README | Readme). Well, it bit me for a while without me knowing.

For a long time I’ve been very upset at the “Fink project”:http://fink.sf.net because *nothing* would install, upgrade, or usually even work with their system. Several times I would wipe it’s software and retry, only to die in flames.

Finally, while I’ve been testing out stuff I’ve been reading in O’Reilly’s “Mac OSX Tiger For Unix Geeks”:http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/macxtigerunix/ I decided to give it another try. Yet again, things were failing horribly, and I once again began pouring through various wiki’s, HOWTO’s and other documentation. Finally, I found an interesting little nugget, buried among the cinders of other people travails.

It appears that a source install of libwww-perl gives the option of installing a ‘HEAD’ function in /usr/bin, and at some point one of my upgrades selected that. Problem is, the standard HEAD function, doesn’t have a ‘n’ flag.

What makes that bad, is fink is programmed to use the Mac OSX version of /usr/bin/head (note the case change) which does have that option. Fink dies without that!. All of us geeks will of course see the problem with HEAD and head on a case-sensitive filesystem. Now, if I just had the time to reformat without that darn flag set.

Of course, now that I replaced my ‘head’, fink works, and I now feel the pain that “gentoo masochists”:http://funroll-loops.org/ enjoy that is extremely long compiles. But ad least I’ll get my KDE apps back.

The Realization of Time

On Saturday, we went over to “the Lances”:http://www.thelances.net along with “Joe and Nat”:http://blog.josephhall.com/ for a Pizza-q. James prepped up some of his special Pizza Dough, and cooked it on the grill to get it ready for a few ingredients we brought over. While we cooked a “mystery cheese” pizza from joe, and my BBQ chicken pizza, Nat told us a fun little story about the first time she had seen No Doubt in concert. (You can ask her about it:) )

So I decided the share here the story of the first time _I_ heard No Doubt, not in concert, but ever…

F1rst p0st!

Ok, so the blog has been running for a while, but the first post is in reference to the weekend. With the nice weather, I got to spend my time outside setting fence posts. At least now we have the posts up on the West side of our property.

Guess what I get to next week 🙁 Time for a whole lotta planks.

At least with this side going up, and the East already up, we’re almost enclosed. I also took advantage of the time to finish out one of our planting beds, The second one needs just a little more dirt and it’ll be done too.

Fun with the media

So the white house is looking for a new Press Secretary, let me suggest the best candidate for the job, “Ann Coulter”:http://anncoulter.com/cgi-local/welcome.cgi

Can you imagine just how much fun that would be? Most media outlets have been sending the snottiest, most annoying whiners to review the white house for years, turning the average question into more of a political grandstand than useful information gathering. Imagine with Ann to give the responses it would level things out for the current administration, and make the session worthwhile to people besides those in attendance.