As all the local geeks are aware, “Pete Ashdown”: is running against the incumbent “Orrin Hatch”: for US Senate. It’s not like every local group hasn’t been chatting about this for a while. While really wanting to vote for him, I can’t be positive yet, as I still have questions for him. But that’s one of the great things it seems about Pete, not only is he willing to talk to geeks like us, he’s going out of his way to do it. He’s been scheduling with every Linux group in Utah, and making time to answer real questions (yes, many extra bonus points there, and he already had a lot).

One thing we’d really like though, is the chance to actually get a similar discussion with Senator Hatch. We geeks represent a group that has a *lot* of questions about decisions he’s been promoting, and it just seems fair to give him a chance to own up to why he’s been saying what he has. But how to we get him to talk to us, and even better, with Pete Ashdown at the same time. If anybody has any contacts, the local LUG leaders would like to arrange a multi-group meeting, which could bring in the numbers that could interest them. Pete is more than willing to talk with us, is Orrin?

Personally, I would have really enjoyed it if “Steve Urquhart”: had stayed in the race, although I can see how he would have had trouble kicking Orrin out of the Primary. But Pete has a *lot* going in his favor in my opinion, and it would take some strong opinions on major issues to be able to push my vote back towards Orrin.

One thought on “Ashdown

  1. I love Pete. He’s a great guy and I’ve known him personally for many years. I consider him a good friend and a man of significant integrity.

    That being said, I’m pretty sure I can’t vote for him for senate. Why? Because he’s running as a democrat.

    We’ve all seen the insanity of the left side of the aisle which seems to get worse with every passing year since 2000 when republicans “stole” the election from Gore. This shrill irrationality and contempt for a good man such as George Bush is shared among all in the democrat party.

    I know Pete and I know he’s not a radical, left-wing kook, but neither is Utah congressman Jim Matheson – another democrat. Matheson’s record in congress speaks for itself: Much more often than not, Jim Matheson votes with his party than against it. You would think a “Utah Democrat” would be more moderate, more centrist, more independent, but that’s just not the case.

    It makes sense to me when you’re a junior congressman (or congresswoman) there is a lot of pressure – from your party, for one – to vote the way you’re expected to vote.

    I admire Pete Ashdown, but I’ve slowly been losing the will to vote for him because of the party he represents (and will therefore be influenced by if elected.)