Desert Edge : The Island

So, “Desert Edge”: is sponsoring a “paintball tournament”: this weekend. As most the local geeks know, I’m always inviting them out to come try. Well, this is the best weekend to do it. We have a *lot* of people coming, and will have our whole team as acting refs. We’ll have both SPPL style tourney games, SPPL team elim rounds, as well as a general walk on elimination games for individuals and new people.

Come see what the game is all about, both on the casual and tourney level. If you know me, ask soon and I’ll loan some equipment so you can try playing. Those with kids, bring them so they can watch (my kid *loves* to watch people playing).


So, more downtime for the site today, longest stretch in a long time. This time the problem was thankfully isolated to just my personal site though, and not any of the others on this box.

I can say, I was actually bitten by wonderful uptime. My “apache2”: / “mod_perl2”: daemon has been running so long, and I had done several large “CPAN”: based updates, including a major “Catalyst”: upgrade that completely changed the DBIC/DBix interface. So, when things restarted I had a new framework in place, but code using the old one (at least the api changes were documented). Yes, my stupid fault for not paying more attention to my bleeding edge dev stuff, and live, but man that was a pain. Had to start learning the new stuff *real* fast. But now it’s converted, and working. will check into patching this up to other users.

Oh, and it’s nice that there are Catalyst packages accepted into the debian system. Wish they included everything I needed, but it’s nice to have 85% of these newer packages apt-gettable compared to maybe 15% a few months ago.