Radio Zona

So I was listening to “Chunga and Mr.”: this morning, and they were doing the ‘Stupid News’ segment. The first thing they talked about was that there was a new radio station for prostitutes in Brasil, called Radio Zona (rĂ¡dio zona). Chunga seemed to think a better name was “Ho Radio”. Good joke for Americans, but the original name is actually quite funny.

See, ‘uma zona’ in brasil is a slang term for a brothel or Red Light District. So the name really does fit.

Now, this of course is a tip for American LDS missionaries, who use the term Zone to refer to a geographical area in which several groups of missionaries work (usually comprised of a couple districts, which in turn are made up of a couple companionships of missionaries).

So when your new elder mentions that they will be going to a ‘Zone Meeting’ with their ‘Companion’ (the term for the other missionary you are assigned to work with), you get some interesting looks, and all sorts of confirmation to strange rumors about you.

What’s worse, the members of the church all realize what you really mean, so don’t bother to alert you to this, it is just slang after all.

Even worse, is a lot of the investigators are fine with this, until you start talking about the 4th discussion (which involves the law of Chastity).