Media Interface

I’ll admit it, I’ve been previewing some different media front-end interfaces for home. I ran MythTV for a while, and while very cool, it’s not *quite* what I want. Granted, I have some strange wants. First off, while I would love the nice PVR capabilities, I have a DVR, that works. What I want mostly is a nice interface to browse my existing media.

I played recently with the nifty “little hacks”: that let you run FrontRow on any mac, and it’s pretty nice. A bit heavy in some aspects (such as flipping through movies), but the interface is nice. Some creative usage of symlinks and I have my /Volumes inside my Movies dir, so I can get to my real content. I wish a closed system like apple would allow us some nice tuning of things like that. Of course, this is a hack to run on my powerbook, so I don’t really expect it to be perfect.

Anyways, while searching around, I recently stumbled upon “Media Central”: which has a _rather familiar_ interface. It uses and FFmpeg backend, and has soem apparent plugin support. Just grabbed it, and will start playing with it. We’ll see how it goes.

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