ER time

So, about to head out from work to go visit my mom again. Yesterday I had to run out for a couple of hours to run my mom to the hospital. She has quite a few health problems, among them she is a brittle diabetic. Well, yesterday some neighbors encountered her, apparently low again, and attempted to revive her. When that didn’t work, I was called in again. After checking her sugar, she was at 483! This from a hypoglycemic!

This is the third time in about a year that she has skyrocketed high for a non-apparent reason. Last time they blamed bad insulin. Well, yesterday we brought her in again, and all night she’s been in ICU on their insulin, and as of this morning she was still over 380. What is going on?

So, hopefully in a few minutes I’ll have some good news, but this is the ‘delay’ I mentioned earlier about not being able to post. Had some good rants too..

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