Now why didn’t I think of this?

So being a geek who enjoys cooking, I had to start coming up with ways to organize things. So for our spices, I bought some heavy duty velcro, with adhesive backing, put a strip along the backside of our pantry, and then on the backs of our spices. Thus creating a handy spice rack, that takes up previously unusable space. Kelly has hooks a little under them for hanging aprons and potholders, and I was trying to think of what else we could do to make use of the space, since it’s a full size door, and there is a lot of room between in and the shelves. Well cooking gadgets has the answer, and now I’m slapping my forehead for not thinking of it. “MagnaRack”:

Image Problem

“Cox & Forkum”: have a nice comic making fun of the current uproar that some of the muslim community has about a danish newspaper doing performing the _heinous_ act of actually drawing pictures of mohammad/muhammad/mahamat/etc.