iPhoto Exporting

So, I’m trying to play around with apple’s Automator, to create workflows to do a few things I want. What I want to do is be able to select images in iPhoto, select my plugin, which will prompt me for a path, and upload to said path on my server.

Black Hole

Saturday night, Kelly and I went out to the “Clark Planetarium”:http://www.clarkplanetarium.org/ . We just missed a seating for “Magnificent Desolation”:http://www.imax.com/magnificentdesolation/ , but we were just in time to hit their new “Black Holes”:http://www.clarkplanetarium.org/FilesChanging2004/NowPlaying.html#BlackHoles . Quite a good show. Some great graphics that take advantage of the 3d-dome to help you feel what it’s like to be at a black hole, the feel of passing the event horizon. It attempts to help understand relativity, in somewhat layman’s terms, although I think it was glossed over a little too much.

They also made one mention of white holes, when describing the theory of the wormhole/bridge but didn’t explain them at all 🙁

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience, and would recommend checking it out. For all my Star Trek geek friends, the narration is done by the guy who played ‘Q’, no biggie for me, but he did a good job.

Winter Olympics

I love the Olympics, but there are things that often irk me, usually sports that are critiqued on artistic levels by same lame judges. Still, I think the Olympics can stand for the best in sportsmanship and great achievements.

Apparently Bryant Gumbel feels differently about the winter games. Seems they aren’t sports, or worthwhile ones, because there are “no black athletes”:http://newsbusters.org/node/4057 . Of course, it plays along with the ‘no blacks are Republicans’ mantra.. C’mon people, this shouldn’t even be an issue.

Sure, I’ll admit I really don’t see curling as an interesting sport, worth my time. And yes, I think less of the grading of a lot of events. But I still respect what people put into them. And even if I dont’ care to watch the judging of figure skating, I still absolutely respect their talents.


So for work I take care of billing code, dealing with financial transactions. The kinda stuff you have to be very careful with. Well, while debugging some code dealing with a merchant account, I came across and interesting error code.

_CyberSource error: Something REALLY bad happened. Your transaction may have been processed or it could have blown up. Check the business center to figure it out. Good Luck…_

ooh, that’s helpful. At least they wish good luck, because it’s necessary. Thankfully this one was an SSL error, which was resolved quickly.


After some difficulties I’ve been having with Postfix (mostly SMTP-AUTH), I decided to give Exim a try as my MTA. The switchover has been slightly painful, but much less than I would really expect. My biggest problem was with clamav not running correctly for a bit, but a reinstall solved the strange permission problems I was having. Those problems were actually from changes I had to make with amavis under postfix though, so I don’t feel too badly about them.

I did have a little difficulty with TLS though. Didn’t want to run on 465, and still doesn’t want to do tls_on_connect for some reason.

I was just trying my first mailman setup with exim, following the README.Exim4.Debian, things seemed to have configured correctly, and people can subscribe, receive approval, etc, but not post to the list. Well, they can post but the messages don’t get out 🙁 Not sure why, hope to work on that tonight now that I’m feeling better.