Brasilian Baby

So a big thing in the news recently has been the “Brasilian Miracle Baby”: . So I won’t go over what happened, that’s what the link is for, I just had to comment because Pampulha is in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Yeah, I lived there for a couple of years.

It is annoying that most all the english accounts talk about the location in terms of it’s distance from Rio. Belo Horizonte has 5 million people, we can talk about it as it’s own city people. Quite a few reports even say it happened in Rio de Janeiro, which is like saying the Golden Gate Bridge is in LA.

Another annoyance is the fact that they all describe lake Pampulha as a lagoon, which “doesn’t really fit”: . Remember, “Belo Horizonte”: is “located inland”:,-44.008827&spn=0.186892,0.309677&t=k , hundreds of miles from the ocean. I think people just see the word “Lagoa” and think that’s the translation, Lagoon != Lake though.

Anyways, I lived pretty close to Pampulha a couple of times, when I was in the city, but never right in the area. Some very nice stuff around their though.