Men and Women

Just an example of the difference. This example taken from the “Buzz Lightyear” ride at Disneyland just before Christmas. Note, while Garion didn’t have a high score, he did hold the gun correctly. Even made his own gun noises 🙂

Please note the score..

Free RH9?

What the heck, one of my ad’s on the last post was to get a free copy of “Red Hat”: verision 9.0. Now, why the heck would you pay to give away RH9?

Those who know me, will know that I in no way am demeaning “Linux”: quite the opposite, I encourage everybody to try it, or other unix systems (mac, *BSD). I am the president of “PLUG”: after all. But get real, RedHat 9.0 is sooo old. There are many other free choices, and I’ll even help you get them setup if you want. Please, ask me about installing Linux!

And while I want you to click on them thar ads, get real folks.

Hawks vs Panthers

So, the “Seahawks”: made it past the first round, and now host the Carolina Panthers in the NFC championship game. Amazing, my hawks are hosting the championship. Even better, they are favored. Please don’t let me down now guys, ’cause I really think you can do it!